Why Republishing Posts Is Good for your SEO!

Republishing is not for those of you that have a blogger or a WordPress hosted blog and if you have dates in your permalinks then carry on by as well ~ if you do then seriously think about changing them! But if you have a self-hosted blog with NO DATES in your permalinks then carry on reading I’m going to talk about republishing old content and why it’s good for your sites.

Why you should be republishing posts on your blog for your site's SEO and how to go about it and the pitfalls to avoid.


Why should you republish old content?

Have you noticed a post that used to rank highly in Google or on Pinterest start to take a nosedive? One of the reasons could be due to the post getting old. Search engines do like current content, they see it as fresh and if you site already has good authority and that post has backlinks already in place then excellent a republished post will go out from your site in your currently updated sitemap and ping the search engines letting them know when they crawl it they will see it index it and collate the backlinks to it do their algorithm things and your post SHOULD start to see that rise again.


There are another couple of reasons as well – your blog is growing and you likely have more followers now than you did when that post went out.

Yes, you may have shared it on social media recently BUT not everyone is on social media and not all of your readers as well. As soon as you republish the post it goes out in your feed – that means anywhere your RSS feed is placed your readers will now see it.

Also republishing the post puts it back on your homepage probably the most visited page on your site so a whole new set of eyes will see this post.

What posts should you republish?

ANY posts at all –

Posts that you may have expected to do well the first time around but didn’t ~ may just have gone out at the wrong time.

Posts that are starting to show a decline in traffic, the boost it needs may come with it being new.

Already popular posts – if they are doing well from searches or from social media traffic then why not get new eyes on them.

Out-dated posts ~ update them with new information and republish you now have new information to share.

Round-Ups or Tip posts ~new posts have been published that you can add to the post, you may have more content that you can include or have thought of some more tips to add. DO it and republish.

How to Republish?

So there is one hard and fast rule of republishing a post – DO NOT CHANGE THE URL.

Let me repeat that again DO NOT CHANGE THE URL.

That includes putting in a redirect it will have an impact and not in a good way if you are doing this for a post that is starting to take a nose-dive from search traffic. (Search Traffic also includes Pinterest as Pinterest is moving more and more towards a visual search engine). So best not to do it! I know having a post URL 10-pretty-summer-desserts is strange when you have 20 in the post now but changing that URL will do damage.

Now we’re clear on that – let’s get that post republished.

  1. Open the post to edit.
  2. Make your updates.
  3. Update and add a new pinnable image.
  4. Check that you have images for social media sharing.
  5. HIDE COMMENTS – it would look pretty strange for a newly published post to have comments from 2012 on it wouldn’t it!!!
  6. Check your metadescriptions and Metatitle
  7. NOW change the date.

What date to use for a republished post?

So you want to have today’s date and then set the time earlier in the day that you are and then click update…



Why you should be republishing posts on your blog for your site's SEO and how to go about it and the pitfalls to avoid.

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Thanks for the great info! Just republished a post.

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