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Over the summer my go to KeyWord research tool changed. I didn’t pay to use it, because I don’t pay for search traffic, instead of giving me accurate data the KeyWord Planner Tool gave me a range. This made looking for the information I needed VERY difficult. So…. I searched to find one that let me have a free option to search gave the data that I needed and was easy to use because it’s one of the things that I recommend my students on the Plan Your Own SEO course to do at various intervals.

Keyword research tool for Creative Bloggers. Discover a great way to do research into the words that you need for posts.

KW Finder

There are lots of different KeyWord Tools out there – but the average blogger who wants to improve their SEO isn’t a professional so it needs to be simple, easy to understand and affordable. The KW Finder Tool is a web-based system where you have a free option as well as paid for options and it has become my go-to tool before writing a post.

Now there are 3 plans on KW Finder that you can sign up to depending on how you work as a blogger. The FREE plan – this allows you 5 free keyword lookups in a 24hr period and will give you 25 related keywords to that as well as SERP checker (Search Engine Results Page) check. The first payment plan gives you 100 keyword searches and SERP checks and then 200 Keywords for just $12 a month if bought for a year (paying $149 at once) or $29 a month if paid monthly.

I like to sit down and do KeyWord research all at once for a couple of weeks worth of posts so that I can slot them in and write in advance. This means that with the 100 keyword searches I have plenty of room to work with on KW Finder.

Using KW Finder

I’ve said that KW Finder is easy to use but I don’t just want you to take my word for it – I want to show you just how easy it is to use. As you have the option for a FREE account I suggest you trial it like I did to see if you get on with it but here’s a look at what you get.

Keyword research tool for Creative Bloggers. Discover a great way to do research into the words that you need for posts.

When you log in or use KW Finder without signing up you are presented with a screen that lets you enter in your first suggestion for a keyword for the post.

Keyword research tool for Creative Bloggers. Discover a great way to do research into the words that you need for posts.

Your KW Finder Results

Once you press search you are presented with the results screen this shows you your keyword suggestions on the left with a graphical representation of the trend of that data, then the average number of monthly searches, the average cost per click if you were to run this keyword as an advertising campaign on google, level of competition in PPC (Pay per click) advertising and the SEO difficulty.

On the right-hand side if your SERP – your search engine results page data. At the top, there is a dial and this dial gives you the probability of ranking for this KeyWord – it doesn’t take into account your site but there are ways to predict where you could fall. To the side of the dial is an enlarged view of the trend graph from the left but with all of the monthly search values (the part that was taken out of the Google KeyWords Planner Tool).

Underneath the dial and graph you get a view of the search results including some useful data – DA – Moz Domain Authority, PA – Moz Page Authority, MR – Moz Rank of the URL, MT – Moz Trust of the URL, Links – number of external links with AUTHORITY going to that page, FB, and G+ – the number of Facebook Like and G+ shares for the URL, Rank – how easy or difficult it would be to rank higher than that and then an estimated number of visits to the post.

Using that data you can make informed decisions on what would or wouldn’t work for your own site and start to write your article based on your research.

Getting Started with SEO – Sitemaps and Search Console FREE Course

If you are interested in getting started with SEO then you need your nuts and bolts in place – we have a FREE course that we run regularly. It’s Jargon Free and I take you through step by step setting up your site to be indexed by Google as well as start you on your way to creating your own SEO plan for your site.



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