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I’ll let you in on a little secret for a few weeks I have been trying Instagram Scheduling through Tailwind onto my Rainy Day Mum account. Now, I’m a huge fan of Tailwind anyhow but incorporating a secondary social network into the scheduling is perfect for me.

Scheduling Tailwind for Instagram. A Smart choice for Bloggers who want to have a presence on Instagram

One of my biggest hurdles with blogging is finding the time to do it all so Instagram which is one of the social networks I get the least traffic from is one of the first areas to get left behind. However, Pinterest which is my second biggest referral will be the last thing I stop doing when life gets busy. To combine Instagram and Pinterest into a similar system works perfectly for me.

Instagram with Tailwind

So what’s is Tailwind for Instagram like – well the dashboard on your desktop is exactly the same.Scheduling Tailwind for Instagram. A Smart choice for Bloggers who want to have a presence on Instagram

Now I do most of my scheduling via the desktop in my office trying to create a clear work and life balance and after trying lots and lots of different schedulers Tailwind is the one that I have stuck with – in the past I have written about using a combination of Tailwind with another scheduler, however, since that post went live I’ve ditched the other scheduler and now all of my Pinterest scheduling is done via Tailwind.

I have also over time tried different ways of scheduling to Instagram in the hope of trying to take the need for live posting away and so that I can plan in advance.

Tailwind Visual Marketing Suite

Features of Tailwind for Instagram

So what do you get with your Tailwind for Instagram account?

  • Schedule by the toolbar in Chrome OR
  • Bulk upload images that you can then schedule
  • See what times are best to schedule – this is one of my favorite features of the Pinterest side of the app and I’m happy to see it across on the Instagram side.
  • View your analytics (more on that to come)
  • See your published posts within the dashboard as you would with Pinterest

Scheduling with Tailwind for Instagram

So scheduling is very easy to do and all you need is the app on your tablet or smartphone. I have it installed on my iPad mini and use that for pushing the posts to live and then the rest of the work as I said previously is on my desktop.

First I either bulk upload a set of images or I schedule from the toolbar in Chrome. Each of the posts on Rainy Day Mum has a square image included – well they have done for the last 18 month or so since Facebook changed the way it like images displayed.

I also have a drop box folder which was my method of storing images to upload to Instagram in the past and from that I can bulk upload a set.

I don’t know about you but I have sets of hashtags that I use over and over again. These I discovered and hunted out for engagement and use time over time and yes they are stored on my phone and iPad but now I have a word document on my desktop that I just open when I schedule and copy and paste the hashtags that I am going to use into the post.

Once the hashtags are in I write a comment for each image that I want to schedule and then schedule them all across.

Scheduled Time Slots

If you use Instagram regularly you know part of the way that your posts are seen is because of an algorithm that has appeared over the last 12 months however, there is still a degree of seeing live there so posting when you followers are online is important. There is no point posting at 8 am in the morning in the UK if the majority of your followers are in the USA on the East Coast as it’s 2 am so hardly anyone will be there.Scheduling Tailwind for Instagram. A Smart choice for Bloggers who want to have a presence on Instagram

Using your account and as Tailwind is an official Instagram partner they have access to your data and engagement as well as your followers and like with Pinterest there is a scheduler which allows you to choose when and how many times a day you want to schedule your posts out to catch when your followers are online.


Back in September 2016, I switched Rainy Day Mum from a Personal Instagram account to a business account. The biggest of my reasons was that I could see information about my account that I just couldn’t see anywhere else.

First, it appeared to show clicks through to my site – well there is a disagreement between Google Analytics, Bitly.com and the business account where the business account is showing much lower clicks that the other two which track click on the link and also traffic to my site. So although it’s good to see at a quick glance it’s not accurate.

Secondly, I wanted to see when my followers where online so that I could post at the right time – now I have that data in tailwind and it will allow me to schedule at the best times.

Scheduling Tailwind for Instagram. A Smart choice for Bloggers who want to have a presence on Instagram

Lastly, it shows engagement on the posts – which are my top posts for the last 7 days, 28 days etc… and again tailwind has that covered. Just like with your published pins in Tailwind for Pinterest you see your Published images on Tailwind for Instagram and you can set the date range as you wish, sort by comments, sort by likes plus you can even reschedule any of the posts for a later date at any point you want.

Watch this space and I will be testing one of the biggest myths about Instagram out in the near future that a switch to a business account decreases engagement!

Getting the posts live

As I mentioned above you need to have the app installed on either a tablet or smartphone with it installed (or updated if you are already using it) then all of your scheduled posts will appear in the app.

Scheduling Tailwind for Instagram. A Smart choice for Bloggers who want to have a presence on Instagram

When the time comes you get a push notificaton on your device and then it will ask you to verify you are in the right Instagram account (great when you manage more than 1 account) and then it copies the image across straight into Instagram and puts the text onto your clipboard so you can copy and paste as you wish.

Once in Instagram you can edit your images as normal – so yes if you keep a consistent look to your account by using the same settings all of the time with either the image editior or filters you still can. Once you are happy with the image – move ahead paste in your text and go live.

But what if I miss the scheduled time?

Life if busy and sometimes you won’t be online at the right time but when you next go on it’s still waiting there for you do to the same thing when you are live.

The Important Stuff

Is it great YES will I be using it YES – but how much is it going to cost me.

Now Tailwind for Instagram with all of the features that I have covered above is $9 a month if you buy an annual subscription of $15 a month if you pay monthly. That’s it!

It’s a time saver, it will keep me organised I can add it into my weekly to do list – schedule Instagram for the week ahead. And you know what because it’s all set I’ve been able to be much more consistent and intentional with what I post no more randomness it matches my niche and what I want my blog to be known for.

You can sign up for a free trial of Tailwind for Instagram now and see for yourself how it can save you Time and help you to manage your Instagram account better for your blog and business.

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