When Google Analytics is installed twice

One of the most common errors I see that has a really quick fix to is having google analytics installed twice or more on a site. It doesn’t seem like a huge problem until you look at your stats and discover that it inflates your page views, decreases your bounce rate and makes all sorts of other adjustments and it’s something that is really easily done probably without even realizing it.

The most common reason for it to happen is that historically you put in your google analytics into the header section of your blog but then you were told about this amazing plugin which you installed and popped in your tracking code and then you have the code in twice. It’s usually when you are networking with other bloggers or maybe your ad agency sends you a message saying they believe it’s installed twice you start to panic. So how do you check and how do you fix it?

How to check if you have Google Analytics Installed Twice

Checking to see whether you have the Google Analytics code installed twice is quick and easy if you have right click enabled on your site. If you don’t then you can still discover whether it is installed twice but takes a bit more knowledge and time.

First, open a blog post from your site in Chrome, Internet Explorer or Firefox.

Right-click on the page and click View Page Source

On the screen – press CTRL +F (PC)┬áCommand-F (Mac) and type in UA- into the box that appears.

Is your Google Analytics installed twice - find out how to check and then how to fix the problem yourself without calling in tech support.

If you have 1 instance of the code then you are good to go. If you have 2 or more then it’s time to look further.

How to fix if your Google Analytics is installed twice?

One of the most common occurrences of multiple installations is the use of Google Analytics by YOAST plugin and a manually installed code in the header section of your theme in WordPress *edited to add the latest updates to Google Analytics by The YOAST Team prevents this but old installations may still show historic instances of multiple codes* or manually inserting the script code in Blogger and then installed the code into the settings.

The other most common is using the Social-Fabric Plugin as part of the network. This instance shouldn’t affect the bounce rate and page views but you can contact Social-Fabric (Collective Bias) and ask for a javascript tag that does not include the Google Analytics tracking code if you believe it is causing problems.


In WordPress, the most common way that you have google analytics installed twice is by having the code within a google analytics plugin and then again manually inserted into the header or footer of your theme.

If you use the plugin to analyze your site data within the WordPress dashboard then it’s time to delete the code from your header/footer of the theme. If you don’t use the data then it’s easy to deactivate and delete the plugin and it will remove the code as well.

Is your Google Analytics installed twice - find out how to check and then how to fix the problem yourself without calling in tech support.

In need of extra help

If you have followed the instructions to find out If You Have Google Analytics Installed Twice and looked around your site and still can’t find the duplicate code then we are available to help – we have a variety of support packages for technical help.

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Becca - May 18, 2018

Thank you for the thorough instructions on checking my Analytics. Just curious, I uninstalled a plugin (since I don’t really care about the stats on my page) and then checked my site again and I still have 2 instances. Does it take some time for the webpage to change that? Thank you for your help!!!

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