The Blog Surgery helping your blog stay healthy and flourish

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The Blog Surgery

Blogs are a little like bodies – to keep them in optimum┬áhealth you have to take care of them, however, updates, plugins, code, hacking and various other things seem to crop up over time and they don’t always go smoothly. As well as needing help to grow them and allow them to flourish we need to work on SEO, social media and keep the sites looking fresh. The Blog Surgery is here to help, much like a doctor’s office there is information about keeping your blog healthy as well as a drop in clinic for diagnosis and full surgery if is needed. Run by Cerys Parker a professional blogger and former digital media teacher you will find a variety of different courses, e-products and personalised service here to help you maintain the health of your site.

Cerys Parker

When Cerys started blogging back in the early 2000’s it was for work, recording the nesting of sea turtles and the work of volunteers on projects around the world. Updated sporadically because of the lack of internet connection and electricity it was still a great introduction to blogging. Move forward to 2011 and she finds herself with two young children and decided to be a stay at home mum so she picks up her computer and ventures into WordPress. Using knowledge from blogging on various platforms and teaching digital media as well as work on SEO Cerys has built up a family lifestyle blog at Rainy Day Mum, written freelance articles for online magazines as well as work behind the scenes on social media and back-end work on various different blogs.