Plan your own SEO Strategy

Use your data to create your own SEO Plan to grow organically with the content that you already have

Each of your blogs are different and no SEO strategy that you can download will fit every single blog. In this 4 week course we look at creating your own SEO strategy based on the content that you already have and you will come away with a reusable plan for your site to help you grow organically.

The course is a lifetime membership and you can return each month if you wish following the steps to plan for the following month or for the future.

This is not a one size fits all package each person will come away with a SEO plan that they can implement for their own sites to grow organically based on what they already have. At the same time it will help you plan to add new content and then you can revist the course in a month or two and use the new content and data to review.

This is a Jargon-Free course written so that you can understand it, take action and move forward. It’s priced so that the average blogger could use it and unlike a conference you can revisit this again and again. You come away with your own personal SEO plan for YOUR BLOG.

This product is not currently available for sale.
The Blog Surgery

Cerys is the founder of Rainy Day Mum a top UK parenting blog. Prior to having children, she taught digital media and web development. Supporting other bloggers to develop, grow and expand their blogs through actionable tasks that aren't as terrifying as they seem to be!