Get indexed by Google and know your site's SEO success!

Lay the foundations of SEO with your blog by creating your sitemaps and getting them indexed correctly by Google so that you can create an informed plan for your blog's success

Is your organic traffic getting you down?

When you look at your google analytics and where you traffic is coming from does the organic traffic to your site leave you down in the dumps.

You've done the keyword research for a post you've optimised it as much as you can but it's still not getting traffic from Google and you have no idea why!

With this FREE online course you work at your own pace with your own site setting up the foundations so that you can see what is going on and start to work towards SEO success for your site

  • Want Google to Index your site and see new content
  • Work smarter not harder on your SEO
  • Become your own blogs SEO expert and plan for the future
Claire Authentic Food Quest

This is a great training for anyone who wants to learn about SEO, get practical tips and implement them right away. I knew I needed help with my sitemap and to get my website to rank better in google. With Sitemaps and Search Console course, I was able to create my sitemap, get my article to be ranked higher in google search and uncover ways to better track my SEO effort in google analytics. An excellent course, with a step by step approach with great support along the way in the Facebook Group. Highly recommended!

I took this course for the sole benefit of determining whether to recommend it to clients. Needless to say, I will wholeheartedly be sending clients over to take it. The course was easy to understand, included step-by-step instruction, and the Facebook group for support was very valuable.

ND Consulting

Work at your own pace with jargon free step by step instructions!

If you've tried searching for information on improving your blog's SEO before and the language used has left you confused and irritated then our jargon free step by step instructions are just the thing for you.

No prior knowledge is assumed, no video's to pause and rewind time and time again just plain and simple instructions that you can print, read, follow and do.

And if things change, then the course is updated to. So with lifetime access you can come back time and time again.

Sara Duggan Sara Assists you

Thorough training in easy to understand language with lots on hands-on support.

This course was exactly what I needed to start gaining an understanding of how SEO works and learn in a simple, step by step way, how to get started optimizing my site for SEO. It was simple, easy and very effective!

Shelley STEAM Powered Family

What you will get

  • Lifetime access to the course
  • 4 UNITS with STEP BY STEP Instructions
  • Access to a dedicated Facebook Group with expert help
  • Information on creating and submitting the right sitemaps for your blogging platform
  • How to read and understand the data at your finger tips
  • BONUS LESSON - Start improving your blogs SEO with this one easy repeatable step

FREE Sitemaps and Search Console Course

Create, submit and use your sitemaps to improve your site, grow with SEO and work smarter not harder as a creative blogger.

Jargon free, easy to understand STEP BY STEP guides to all of the process to get your site indexed by Google and helping you create your own SEO plan for YOUR SITE.